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Managerís Guide to CTP Implementation

Edited by James E. Harvey

This document consists of advice to managers and users of CTP extracted from three yearís of meetings of Graphic Communication Associationís (GCA) Computer-to-Plate (CtP) Usersí Group. Many thanks are due to the members of the CtP Usersí Group (pioneers one-and-all), and in particular, we thank the CtP Usersí Group Co-Chairs Ed Bacsik of Perry-Judd's Incorporated and Dennis Redman of C-t-PLUS Graphic Arts Solutions. No guidebook of this nature can be specific to all workflows, rather the intent of this guideline is to help you make informed and effective decisions as you go about deciding the specifics of your own companyís CTP implementation.

Chapter 1 ― Making the CTP Decision
Chapter 2 ― Plate Measurement and Quality Control
Chapter 3 ― Copydot Scanning & Big File Management
Chapter 4 ― Copy Process Automation and CTP
Chapter 5 ― CTP & Digital Proofing
Chapter 6 ― More on Color Management
Chapter 7 ― Standard File Formats